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Regulations for medical, psychic and physiological certification of the job applications, re-certification of the employees in the Merchant Marine and Deep-Sea Fishing Company.

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Seafarers; Seafarers - Certification of qualifications and identity documents
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

Second Region

I - Organization and procedure of medical an psycho-physiological certification of job applicants in the merchant fleet
II - Organization and procedure of the periodical certification
III - Psycho-physiological certification and re-certification
IV - Pre-Run medical examination
V - List of ranks in the merchant marines and Deep-Sea Fishing Co. for which a preliminary (before starting the job) and periodical medical and psycho-physiological certificaiton is required (Appendix 1)
VI - Navigation Zones (Appendix 2)
VII - Morbid Affection Rate (Appendix 3)
VIII - Tables of the indications and contra-indications for being employed in the merchant marine and Deep-Sea Fishing Co. (Appendix 4).

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