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Law on the Elderly (Law No. 39/2009/QH12).

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Viet Nam
Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services; Older workers
Law, Act

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CHAPTER I - General Provisions
Defines elderly as Vietnam citizens over the age of 60 years. Contains their rights as well as State policies, responsibilities of agencies, organizations, families and individuals. Establishes a Vietnam Elderly day
CHAPTER II - Taking Care of and Looking After the Elderly
Section 1. Taking care of the elderly
Section 2. Caring for elder persons health
Section 3. Care for the elderly in cultural, educational, physical training, sports, recreation and tourist activities, in the use of public facilities and participation in mass transit
Section 4. Social patronage for the elderly
Section 5. Longevity congratulations and celebration, funeral organization
CHAPTER III - Promoting Elderly Persons' Role
CHAPTER IV - The Vietnam Elderly Association
CHAPTER V - State Agencies' Responsibilities for Elderly-Related Work
CHAPTER IV - Implementation Provisions

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    Date of entry into force

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    Date of partial entry into force
    Social patronage policies for the elderly provided in Clause 2, Article 17

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    Serial title
    Official Gazette - English Translation of Công Báo
    No. 10
    Page range
    pp. 4-13