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Act (2009:1439) to amend the Annual Leave Act (1977:480).

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Conditions of work; Hours of work, weekly rest and paid leave
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Repeals art. 23, 27 and the section immediately before art. 4. Amends the following articles:
Art. 1 concerning the right to paid leave.
Art. 2 concerning collective bargaining in relation to paid leave.
Art. 3-9 concerning the definition, scope and details of paid and unpaid leave.
Art. 10-17 concerning the rules for when leave can be taken and paid leave regulations in exceptional cases and in cases of absence.
Art. 18-30a concerning the saving of leave days and the details for financial compensation as an alternative to annual leave.
Art. 30b-31 concerning the right to paid leave in cases where an employee is transferred to a new employer in cases of corporate take-overs, mergers etc., including as a consequence of bankruptcy of the previous employer.
Art. 33 concerning the deadline for employees to voice claims for annual leave.
Included in the above-mentioned amendments is the introduction of the following new articles: 2 a, 3 a, 12 a, 12 b, 16 a, 16 b, 17 a, 17 b, 26 a, 29 a, 30 a and 30 b.

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    Fritzes författningssamling
    Vecka 51
    No. 28
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    10 pp.