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Order (No. 1422 of 2008) to amend the Order (No. 574 of 2001) respecting the duties etc, of persons submitting or advising on projects under the Work Environment Act.

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Occupational safety and health; Protection in certain sectors of economic activity
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Bekendtgørelse (Nr 1422 af 2008) om ændring af bekendtgørelse (Nr 574 af 2001) om projekterendes og rådgiveres pligter m.v. efter lov om arbejdsmiljø.
Adds article 6 (2-4) concerning the requirements to consider 'general principles of safety and health' in construction projects (hereafter the former section 2 becomes section 5); and article 13 (2) concerning the construction coordinator's elaboration of a journal considering potential safety and health aspects of a construction project. Attaches annex 2 with 'general principles of safety and health', based on EU regulation.

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