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Order (No. 1423 of 2008) to amend Order (No. 589 of 2001) on conditions at construction sites and similar places of work.

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Occupational safety and health; Protection in certain sectors of economic activity
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Bekendtgørelse (Nr 1423 af 2008) om ændring af bekendtgørelse (Nr 589 af 2001) om indretning af byggepladser og lignende arbejdssteder.
Repeals article 7. Amends article 5 concerning the obligation of multiple employers working on the same construction site to cooperate on securing a safe and healthy work environment; and article 8 concerning 'special prevention principles in construction', as attached to the Order. Adds article 6 (2-3) concerning the safety and health responsibility of particular employers operating on the same construction site under the supervision of the overall construction coordinator.

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