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Order (No. 322 of 2009) on residence in Denmark for foreigners under EU rules (The European Unions Freedom of Movement Directive).

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Bekendtgørelse (Nr 322 af 2009) om ophold i Danmark for udlændinge, der er omfattet af Den Europæiske Unions regler (EU-opholdsbekendtgørelsen).
Introduces the following 9 chapters based on the Foreigners Act and the EU's Freedom of Movement Directive.:
Chapter 1 (art. 1-2): Scope and definitions.
Chapter 2 (art. 3-7): Persons with independent residence permit, including workers, entrepreneurs, expatriate workers posted in Denmark, students, persons with sufficient means and pensioners.
Chapter 3 (art. 8-16): Family members' right to residence, including family members to the above-mentioned groups, family members to Danish citizens, family members to deceased or emigrated persons, and family members' rights in case of divorce or cohabitation.
Chapter 4 (art. 17-18): Other provisions concerning residence permit, notably the rights of citizens of the other Nordic countries and the right to a work permit when a residence permit is obtained according to this Order.
Chapter 5 (art. 19-20): Provisions concerning unlimited stay.
Chapter 6 (art. 21-29): Provisions concerning required documentation in cases of unlimited as well as time-limited residence permits.
Chapter 7 (art. 30-32): Cancellation of residence permit.
Chapter 8 (art. 33-37): Competent authorities and rules for complaints and appeals.
Chapter 9 (art. 38): Entry into force.

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