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Consolidated Foreigner's Act (No. 1061 of 2010).

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Migrant workers
Law, Act

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Bekendtgørelse af udlændingeloven
Chapter 1 - Entry and stay of residents
Chapter 2 - Work
Chapter 3 - Cessation and withdrawal of residence permits and work permits
Chapter 4 - Penalties
Chapter 4 - Enforcement of a final administrative decisions of the authorities in other Schengen countries or in countries that have joined the European Union, on the expulsion of foreigners, etc.
Chapter 5 - Refusals
Chapter 5a - Transfer expenses etc. in accordance with the Dublin Regulation
Chapter 6 - Different rules for residency, expulsion and refusal
Chapter 7 - Monitoring the entry, stay and departure etc.
Chapter 7a - Exchange of information between immigration authorities and intelligence services and prosecutors, etc.
Chapter 7b - Court procedures for certain decisions on administrative expulsion, etc.
Chapter 8 - Competence and complaint procedures and expenses etc.
Chapter 8a - Disclosure of information under the rules of the Dublin Regulation, the Schengen Convention and the European Regulation, etc.
Chapter 9 - Penal Provisions
Chapter 10 - Commencement and transitional provisions

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