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Constitution of the Republic of Guinea, 2010.

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General provisions; Constitutional law

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Constitution de la République de Guinée
Title I - On Sovereignty and the State
Title II - On Liberties, Duties and Fundamental Rights
--[Article 20 provides:
"The right to work is recognized for all. The State shall create the necessary conditions for the exercise of this right.
No one shall be harassed in his work on account of his sex, his race, his ethnicity, his opinions or any other ground of discrimination.
Everyone has the right to belong to a trade union of his choice and defend his rights through trade union activities. Each worker has the right to participate through his representatives in the determination of his working conditions.
The right to strike shall be recognized. It shall be exercised within the framework of the Acts of Parliament that govern it. It shall in no case abridge the freedom to work.
An Act of Parliament shall determine the conditions for the assistance and protection to which all workers shall be entitled."]
Title III - On the Executive Power
Title IV - On the Legislative Power
Title V - On the Relations Between the President of the Republic and the National Assembly
Title VI - On the Constitutional Court
Title VII - On the Judiciary
Title VIII - On the High Court of Justice
Title IX - The Economic and Social Council
Title X - On the High Authority of Communication
Title XI - On the Mediator of the Republic
Title XII - The Independent National Electoral Commission
Title XIII - On the Territorial Organization
Title XIV - On the High Council of Local Communitites
Title XV - On the Defence and Security Forces
Title XVI - On the Independent National Institution for Human Rights
Title XVII - On International Treaties and Agreements
Title XVIII - On the Amendment of the Constitution
Title XIX - On Temporary Provisions

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    Constitutions of the Countries of the World
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