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The Co-operative Societies Act, 2010 (No. 9 of 2010).

Main Region

First Region

Antigua and Barbuda
Law, Act

Second Region

Part I - Arrangement
Part II - Registration of Co-operative Societies
Part III - Membership and Meetings
Part IV - Management
Part V - Financing
Part VI - Business of Co-operative Society
Part VII - Property and Funds of Co-operative Society
Part VIII - Financial Disclosure and Audit
Part IX - Reconstruction of Co-operative Societies
Part X - Receivers and Receiver-Managers
Part XI - Dissolution
Part XII - Examination and Investigation
Part XIII - Disputes
Part XIV - Specialised Co-operative Societies
- Credit Unions
- Consumers co-operative societies and housing co-operative societies
- Industrial co-operative societies
Part XV - Apex Body
Part XVI - Offences
Part XVII - Miscellaneous
Part XVIII - Transitional

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    Act of Parliament
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