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Domestic Violence Act [Chapter 5:16] (Act 14/2006).

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General provisions; Criminal and penal law
Law, Act

Second Region

PART I - Preliminary
1. Short title and date of commencement.
2. Interpretation.
3. Meaning of domestic violence and its scope.
4. Offence of domestic violence and acts excluded from its scope.

PART II - Duties Of Police And Powers Of Arrest In Respect Of Domestic Violence
5. Duties of police officers in relation to domestic violence.
6. Arrest by police officer without warrant.

PART III - Protection Orders
7. Application for protection order.
8. Determination of application.
9. Issue of interim protection order.
10. Issue of protection order.
11. Contents of protection order.
12. Application for revocation, variation or extension of protection orders.
13. Issue of further copies of orders and warrants of arrest.
14. Enforcement of protection orders.

PART IV - Anti-Domestic Violence Counsellors And Anti-Domestic Violence Council
15. Anti-domestic violence counsellors.
16. Anti-Domestic Violence Council.

PART V - General
17. General provisions as to ofences.
18. Special jurisdiction of local courts.
19. Regulations.

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