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Act No. 5951 amending the Act No. 6183 concerning debt collection procedures by public law and amending some other Acts.

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General provisions; Labour codes, general labour and employment acts
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Amme Alacaklarının Tahsil Usulü Hakkında Kanun ile Bazı Kanunlarda Değişiklik Yapılmasına Dair Kanun
Amends, inter alia, the following Acts:
- Act No. 2822 of 5 May 1983 on collective agreement, strike and lock-out. Amends the last sentence of Art. 12(3) (determination of the competent union and the organisation of statistics);
- Act No. 4447 of 25 August 1999 establishing Unemployment Insurance: Adds a new point f) to Art. 53(3)(B) (application for short-term employment); temporary Art. 8(1), in the first sentence it replaces the words "2008 and 2009" with "2008, 2009 and 2010"; temporary Art. 9 (1), first sentence, it replaces the words "for April" with "for October"; "until 31/12/09" with "Until 31/12/2010"; "31/12/09 until 30/06/10" with "31/12/2010 until 30.06.11"; - Act No. 4817 on work permits for foreigners: amends Art. 12 (applications done abroad);
- Act No. 4904 of 25 June 2003 on the Turkish Employment Agency: amends Art. 13(6) and (8) (workforce training activities and the results are controlled by the Supervisory Board);
- Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Act No. 5510 of 31 May 2006: adds a temporary Article 26 (Insured and Rights owners)

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    Resmi Gazete
    No. 27484
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    pp. 1-4