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Legal Notice of the President of the Social Security Administration on optional insurance operations.

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İsteğe Bağlı Sigorta İşlemleri Hakkında Tebliğ
Provides the principles and rules of the operations for optional insurance as stipulated in Act No. 5510 of 2006; Act No. 506 of 1964; Act No. 1479 of 1972; and Act No. 5434 of 08.06.1949 on Retirement Funds.
Implements Art. 121 of Regulations No. 27579 dated 12.05.10. Also contains provisions on definitions, conditions to be fulfilled, application ways, premium, etc.

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    para 2 and 7 of Art. 5 + para 3 and 4 of Art. 7+ Art. 11 and 12

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