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Act No. 6008 dated 28 July 2010 amending the Act on the Fight Against Terrorism and other Acts.

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KANUN No. 6008 Terörle Mücadele Kanunu ile Bazı Kanunlarda Değişiklik Yapılmasına Dair Kanun
Amends the following laws:
- Act No. 2911 of 10.06.1983 on Meetings and Demonstrations (Articles 32-34 concerning resistance).
- Act No. 3713 of 12.04.1991 concerning the struggle against terrorism (at the end of article 5 add the words "This section shall not apply to children."));
- Act No. 4675 of 23.05.2001 on Judges (İnfaz Hakimliği Kanunu);
- Act No. 5237 of 12.10.2004 - the Turkish Penal Code (Adds new sentence at the end of Art. 79(1) concerning penalties for crimes included attempts)
- Act No. 5271 of 04.12.2004 - the Criminal Procedure Code (adds a sentence after para. 6 of Article 231 (verdict) and adds as well a sentence to Article 250 (children));
- Act No. 5275 of 13.12.2004 - Law on Execution of Penal and Security Measures (amends Article 107 of by adding a sentence following para. 4 (provisions that do not apply to children).

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