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Act No. 5982 dated 07 May 2010 to amend some provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey.

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KANUN No. 5982 Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Anayasasının Bazı Maddelerinde Değişiklik Yapılması Hakkında Kanun
Amends several provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey No. 2709 dated 07.11.82: Article 10 (equality before the law), Article 20 (Privacy protection), Article 23 (Prohibition to leave the country), Article 41 (Family law and children's rights), Article 51 (More than 1 union membership), Article 53 (Collective bargaining), Article 54 (Strike and lockout), Article 69 (Political party closure), Article 74 (Ombudsman), Article 84 (Membership in parliament), Article 94 (Parliament's presidential board), Article 125 (Recourse to judicial review), Article 128 (The right to collective bargaining), Article 129 (The right to apply to courts), Article 144 (Judicial oversight), Article 145 (Military Justice), Article 146 (Organisation of Constitutional Court), Article 147 (Term of office and membership), Article 148 (Functions and powers), Article 149 (Functioning and trial procedure), Article 156 (Military Court of Appeal), Article 157 (High Military Administrative Court), and Article 159 (Organisation of the HSYK).

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