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Industrial and Commercial Employment (Standing Orders) Ordinance, 1968 (W.P. Ord. VI of 1968).

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Conditions of work
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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West Pakistan Industrial and Commercial Employment (Standing Orders) Ordinance, 1968 (W.P. Ord. VI of 1968).
The Ordinance extends to the whole of Pakistan. It amends and consolidates the law relating to industrial employment. It repeals the Industrial and Commercial Employment (Standing Orders) Ordinance, 1960 (III of 1960), in its application to the Province of West Pakistan. The Schedule contains the Standing Orders which are to govern the employment of persons in the defined industries.

Sections of Standing Orders:
1. Classification of workmen.
2. Tickets.
2-A. Terms and conditions of service to be given in writing.
3. Publication of working time.
4. Publication of holidays and pay days.
5. Publication of wage rates.
6. Shift working.
7. Attendances and late coming.
8. Leave.
9. [Repealed]
10. Payment of wages.
10-A. Group incentive scheme.
10-B. Compulsory Group Insurance.
10-C. Payment of bonus.
11. Stoppage of work.
11-A. Closure of establishment.
12. Termination of employment.
13. Procedure for retrenchment.
14. Re-employment of retrenched workmen.
14-A. Special provisions for construction workers.
15. Punishments.
16. Eviction from residential accommodation.
17. [Repealed]
18. [Repealed]
19. Certificate of termination of service.
20. Liability of employer.

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    Gazette of Pakistan, Extraordinary