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Law No. 10 197 on Voluntary Pension Funds.

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Social security (general standards); Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit
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Ligji nr. 10 197, datë 10.12.2009 "Për fondet e pensionit vullnetar"
Regulates the establishment, operation and supervision of defined contribution voluntary private pension funds.
- Law No. 7943 of 1 June 1995 On Supplementary Pensions and Private Pension Institutes, as amended, and the implemented legislation adopted under it, shall be repealed when this Law enters into force.
- Any provisions in Law No. 9572 of 3 July 2006 On the Financial Supervisory Authority, on governing and supervising private supplementary pension institutes, which are in conflict with this Law shall be repealed.
- Article 2 (c) of Law No. 9572 of 3 July 2006 shall be changed to the following:
"c) private pension market and the activity in that market;"

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