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Civil Servants Law, 2008.

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Specific categories of workers; Public and civil servants
Law, Act

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The Law regulates the public service. It includes, inter alia, provisions on: the employment of civil service workers based on competence and merit; anti-discrimination clauses; recruitment measures; rights and obligations of civil service workers; development of skills; retention of experienced civil service employees; and employment of professional and skilled candidates in government organizations.

Upon entry into force of the law, Articles 3, 4, and Chapter Seven of the Civil Service Law (Official Gazette No. 861 of 20/06/1384 [Solar calendar]) and Decree No. 33 of 21/04/1382, concerning priority reform and restructuring of Ministries and agencies, published in the Official Gazette No. 810 of 30/05/1382 and any other inconsistent provisions shall be null and void.

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    Date of entry into force
    Ratified by Official Gazette No. 141

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    Official Gazette
    No. 951