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Presidential Order regarding signing the amendments, omissions, and additions to some of articles of Civil Servants Law (Order No. 98).

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Specific categories of workers; Public and civil servants
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

Second Region

Amends the following articles in the Civil Servants Code. -

Article 4 concerning the exemption of certain categories of workers from the Code;
Article 7(2) and (3) concerning recruitment into the civil service and the qualifications required;
Article 10(2)provides that no discrimination is allowed in hiring of the employees and independent contractors based on sex, ethnicity, religion, and physical disability;
Article 14(2)concerning the duty to inform a manager in case of violation of the law;
Article 16(3)2 concerning absence from a post and termination of employment.

Article 8(4)1 is repealed and the following subsections renumbered accordingly. Article 9(2) is also repealed.

Adds a new article 7(4) concerning the recruitment of civil servants. Renumbers subsections accordingly. Also adds a new article 35 and 36.

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