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Federal Act to amend the Federal Act on arrangement of Hours of Work and Act on Rest Periods (BGBl. I Nr. 124/2008).

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Conditions of work; Hours of work, weekly rest and paid leave
Law, Act

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Bundesgesetz, mit dem das Arbeitszeitgesetz und das Arbeitsruhegesetz geändert werden (Änderung des Arbeitszeitgesetzes und des Arbeitsruhegesetzes)
Article 1 Working Hours Act amendments concerning sections
§ 18a. Workers in tram and cable car companies
§ 18e. Flying Personnel and conditions of issuing Air Operator's Certificate (AOCV 2008), limit of working hours
§ 18f. Special provisions for workers of the main or branch train station cross border staff working hours
§ 18g. Daily rest,
§ 18h. Rest periods for train crews
§ 18i. Driving time for drivers
§ 18k. Working time records
§ 18j. Exceptions for the national transport
§§ 24-33. Circulation duty
Article 2 Amendments to the Act on Rest Periods
§§ 19-33. Special provisions for cross-border train staff employed and flying part-time personnel regulations are valid respectively.

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    Date of entry into force

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    Bundesgesetzblatt für die Republik Österreich
    vol. 124
    Page range
    pp. 1-5