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Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 1998 (No. 13 of 1998).

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These Regulations shall apply to all projects listed in the Third Schedule to these Regulations and major repairs, extensions, or routine maintenance of existing projects included in the Schedule (reg. 3). The Technical Committee on Environment Impact Assessment established under section 11 of the Environment Statute of 1995 shall provide advice to the Board and Executive Director of the National Environment Management Authority on technical issues related to environmental impact assessment (reg. 4). A developer shall prepare a project brief stating the information included in regulation 5. Such briefs shall be submitted to the Executive Director (reg. 6). The lead agency, which is an agency to whom the Authority delegates its functions under comma 2 of section 7 of the Statute, shall make comments on the brief in accordance with procedures laid down in regulation 7. The project brief shall be approved by the Director if no major impact on the environment results from the brief or if the brief discloses sufficient mitigation measures to cope with possible effects on the environment (sect. 9). Sections 10 to 12 deal with environmental impact studies upon the completion of which a developer shall make an environmental impact statement in accordance with sections 13 to 16. Sections 17 to 23 make provision for the review of the environment impact statement, whereas sections 24 to 28 deal with decisions of the Director on such statements. The last part of the Regulations (regs. 29-39) provides for access to information contained in environment documentation referred to in these Regulations and for some miscellaneous matters.

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