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Law No. 47 (4239) of 4 March 2010 to amending the Labour Law.

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General provisions; Labour codes, general labour and employment acts
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likums "Grozījumi Darba likumā" ("LV", 47 (4239), 24.03.2010.)
Introduces a number of changes in several articles of the Law. Amends, inter alia, article 14 (Posting of an Employee) regulating terms and conditions of employees posting abroad and legal regime, rights and duties that shall regulates the relationship between employer and employee. Amends article 18 (Parties to Collective Agreement) regulating cases when the General Agreement should be applied to all of the industry workers.
Amends article 22 (Approval of a Collective Agreement) providing that where a collective agreement is signed between an employer and a trade union representing at least 50% of employees , the general meeting of employees (conference) to approve the collective agreement is no longer needed.
Amends and supplements articles 29, 32, 34, 44, 53, 60, 71, 98, 101, 106,107,108, 129,133, 134,140,152,157 of the Law.

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