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Law On Remuneration of Officials and Employees of State and Self-government Authorities (No."LV", 206 (4192)).

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Conditions of employment; Specific categories of workers; Public and civil servants; Wages
Law, Act

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MK noteikumi Nr.1651 "Noteikumi par valsts tie'ās pārvaldes iestā'u amatpersonu un darbinieku darba samaksu, kvalifikācijas pakāpēm un to noteik'anas kārtību" ("LV", 206 (4192)
Chapter I: General Provisions
Chapter II: Remuneration System
Chapter III: Monthly Salary
Chapter IV: Additional Payments
Chapter V: Bonuses
Chapter VI: Benefits
Chapter VII: Compensations, Cover of Tuition Expenditures and Insurance
Chapter VIII: Leave

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