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Law No. "LV", 59 (4251) of 25 March 2010 amending the Law on Occupational Safety (Labour Protection).

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Occupational safety and health
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likums "Grozījumi Darba aizsardzības likumā" ("LV", 59 (4251), 14.04.2010.)
Amends the following articles of the Law: para 19 of article 1 giving new definition of special risks; article 5 on obligations and rights of employers; article 7 on internal supervision of the working environment; article 9 on evaluation of the working environment risks; article 9 organizational structure of labour protection; article 14 on instruction and training of employees and trusted representatives; article 16 on co-operation among several employers; article 18 on right of the employee to refuse to perform work and to participate in labour protection measures; article 20 on representation of employees in the field of labour protection; article 21 on participation of a trusted representative in the internal supervision of the working environment; article 23 on State policy in the field of labour protection

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