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Act (No. 131 of 2009) on Social Services in the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration.

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Social security (general standards); Social assistance and services
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Lov (Nr 131 av 2009) om sosiale tjenester i arbeids- og velferdsforvaltningen (NAV).
Introduces 52 articles in 6 chapters:

Chapter 1 (arts. 1-2): Purpose and scope.
Chapter 2 (arts. 3-11): Role of the municipalities including responsibility and training of staff, and role of the state including responsibility, authority, inspection and contributions.
Chapter 3 (arts. 12-16): General assignments, notably for municipalities, including information, prevention, collaboration with other authorities and volunteer organisations, housing for vulnerable groups, and contingency plans.
Chapter 4 (arts. 17-40): Services for individuals, including information, advice, supervision, assistance, disclosure of information, temporary housing, the right to elaboration of an individual plan, and provisions for the qualification programme for rehabilitating vulnerable persons for reintegration on the labour market.
Chapter 5 (arts. 41-49): Judicial procedure, complaints, information sharing and privacy.
Chapter 6 (arts. 50-52): Entry into force and transitional measures.

The act also amends the following acts:

Repeals article 4(5), chapter 5 and chapter 5a in the The Social Services' Act.
Amends articles 1, 13 and 16 in the Labour and Welfare Administration Act concerning purpose of the act, specific tasks of municipal offices, and privacy.
Amends articles 4(6), 14(13), 13(11), 22(6) and 23(2-3) in the National Insurance Act concerning, inter alia, voluntary work; participation and financial support in qualification programmes; occupational health insurance; and disbursement of benefits to guardian of mentally disabled person.

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