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Act (No. 5 of 2010) on state subsidies from early retirement schemes to employees within the private sector (AFP subsidies Act).

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Social security (general standards); Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit
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Lov (Nr 5 av 2010) om statstilskott til arbeidstakere som tar ut avtalefestet pensjon i privat sektor (AFP-tilskottsloven).
Introduces 8 chapters and 32 articles concerning, inter alia:

Chapter 1: Purpose and Definitions (purpose; definitions).
Chapter 2: Contractual pension, new scheme (application of the chapter; conditions for entitlement to state subsidies; requirements for the calculation of early retirement schemes; basis for the calculation of early retirement schemes; calculation of pension; relationship to other benefits).
Chapter 3: Compensation supplement to a pension pursuant to chapter 2 (additional compensation; reference amount; determination of the compensation supplement).
Chapter 4: Transitional arrangements, early retirement pension under previous rules (application of the chapter; subsidies period; pension; relationship to income; relationship to social security benefits, etc.).
Chapter 5: Management and processing (decision-making authority, etc.; management; contractual issues and management of funds; statutes).
Chapter 6: Funding (premiums from employers; premiums for the coverage of pension costs under chapter 2; premiums to cover pension costs under chapter 4; state subsidies; supervision).
Chapter 7: Miscellaneous provisions (the effective time of early retirement schemes; payment of early retirement pension abroad; repayment of incorrect payments, etc.; disbursements; confidentiality; regulations).
Chapter 8: Entry into force and amendments to other Acts (entry into force and transition rules; amendments to other Acts).

Amends the Act (No. 32 of 2009) to amend the National Insurance Act (No. 19 of 1997); the National Insurance Act (No. 19 of 1997); the Act on Personal Income Tax (No 14 of 1999).

Repeals the Act (No. 110 of 1988) on State subsidies to the arrangements for early retirement pension (2011-01-01).

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