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Act (No. 28 of 2010) respecting pension settled by collective agreements for members of the State pension fund.

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Social security (general standards); Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit
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Lov (Nr 28 av 2010) om avtalefestet pensjon for medlemmer av Statens pensjonskasse.
Provides for regulations for employees who retire after having reached the age of 62 and are entitled to pension under this Act whenever it is settled by collective agreement.

Introduces 8 articles respecting, inter alia:

Article 1: Scope.
Article 2: Conditions for entitlement to contractual pensions.
Article 3: Design of contractual pensions.
Article 4: Payment of pensions.
Article 5: Management and decision-making authority.
Article 6: State Guarantees.
Article 7: Regulations.
Article 8: Entry into force and transition provisions.

The Act No. 64 of 1993 is repealed as of 1 January 2011

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