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Ordinance (No. 31 of 2010) amending the Ordinance (No. 456 of 2006) respecting protection against noise at the workplace.

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Occupational safety and health; Protection against particular hazards
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Forskrift (Nr 31 av 2010) om endring i forskrift om vern mot støy på arbeidsplassen.
Introduces a new p. 2 (scope of application concerning civil aviation) to article 2 and a new chapter 4 (new title) including a new article 17 (supervision) and article 18 (exemption), whereas the present chapter 4 becomes a new chapter 5, the present chapter 5 becomes a new chapter 6, the present article 17 becomes a new article 19 and the present article 18 becomes a new article 20.

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