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Ordinance (No. 236 of 2010) amending various ordinances respecting the introduction of labour rehabilitation benefits.

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Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services; Disabled workers
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Forskrift (Nr 236 av 2010) om endring i enkelte forskrifter i forbindelse med innføring av arbeidsavklaringspenger.
Amends article 1 s.1 and s.2 (calculation of pension qualifying income) in the Ordinance (No. 202 of 1997) on the determination of pension income for the year preceding the year in which members are entitled to a social insurance benefits.

Amends article 4 (calculation of estimated annual income) in the Ordinance (No. 210 of 1997) respecting voluntary occupational accident insurance for the self-employed.

Amends article 1 p.2 (basis of calculation) in the Ordinance (No. 270 of 1997) respecting the reimbursement of insurance benefits related to occupational accident or disease.

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