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Council of State Ordinance (258/2010) amending the Ordinance respecting collective agreements governing civil servants under the Collective Agreements Act (664/1970).

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Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations; Specific categories of workers; Public and civil servants
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Valtioneuvoston asetus valtion virkaehtosopimusasetuksen 9 ja 10 §:n muuttamisesta.
Repeals section 10 (4) p.5b, p.10, p.13, p.32, p.33, p.37, p.52, p.53, p.55, p.56, p.58a and p.83. Section 10 (4) p.5b as amended by Ordinance 1270/2006, p.10, p.33, p.52, p.53, p.56 and p.83 as amended by Ordinance 972/2008, p.13 and p.55 as amended by Ordinance 960/2003, p.32 and p.58a as amended by Ordinance 481/2001, and p.37 as amended by Ordinance 349/2005.

Amends section 9 (4), section 10 (3), p.3, p.4 and p.6, section 10 (4), p.3, section 10 (4), p.5, p.8, p.9, p.9a, p.10a, p.11a, p.21, p.36, p.43, p.48, p.66, p.68, p.76 and p.77 respecting certain competence arrangements and employers officials. Section 9 (4) as amended by Ordinance 1131/2009, section 10 (3), p.3 as amended by Ordinance 243/1992, and p.4 as amended by Ordinance 501/1994, section 10 (3) p.6, section 10 (4), p.3, p.11a, p.21, p.43, p.48, p.68 and p.77 as amended by Ordinance 972/2008, section 10 (4), p.5, p. 8, p.9a, p.10a and p.36 as amended by Ordinance 1270/2006, p.9 as amended by Ordinance 311/1997, p.66 and p.76 as amended by Ordinance 481/2001.

Introduces to section 10 (4) a new p.29 (as amended by Ordinance 497/1996, 311/1997, 1033/1997, 731/1998, 481/2001, 960/2003, 349/2005, 985/2006, 1270/2006, 505/2007, 972/2008) (replacing p.29 as repealed by Ordinance 481/2001) and a new p.58 (replacing p.58 as repealed by Ordinance 972/2008) respecting employer services.

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