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Act (934/2010) on Personnel Funds.

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Provides for regulations on personnel funds with the purpose to promote the use of reward systems for all personnel in order to improve productivity, competitiveness and to promote cooperation between employers and personnel as well as opportunities for economic participation of personnel. Contains 10 chapters and 66 sections respecting, inter alia:

Chapter 1: General provisions.
Chapter 2: Formation of personnel funds and other decisions of companies relating to the funds.
Chapter 3: Membership in a personnel fund.
Chapter 4: Decision-making in a personnel fund.
Chapter 5: Personnel fund management, financial statements and audit.
Chapter 6: Personnel fund equity and mutual funds.
Chapter 7: Some restructuring in companies with a personnel fund.
Chapter 8: Resolution of a personnel fund.
Chapter 9: Special rules.
Chapter 10: Entry into force.

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