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Law No. 9 of 2011 amending some provisions of the Social Security Law, No. 61 of 1976 and Decree No. 128 of 1992 of the Supplementary Insurance System, and Law No. 25 of 2001 amending some provisions of Social Insurance Law and Increase Pensions.

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Social security (general standards)
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This law repeals all provisions that are inconsistent with this law.

This law enters into force on the first day of the month following its publication in the official Gazette.

Section 1: Section 2 of Social Security Act, No. 61 of 1976 is replaced as follows: "The maximum monthly pension payment is raised from 1250 DK to 1500 DK".

Section 2: The second paragraph of Section 23 of the Social Security Act is replaced as follows:
"Social insurance contribution payment will be stopped when the calculated contribution period of the insurance has reached the amount required for the eligibility for the maximum pension payment as mentioned in the paragraph 7.
The suspended social insurance contribution payment shall continue even when the insured has taken up new employment and after finds him/herself outside the provisions of the scope of application of this chapter.
The social contribution payment shall be returned to the insured if he/she did not take advantage from such contribution".

Section 4: Section 26 is added to the Law No. (25) of 2001 amending certain provisions of the Social Security Law and Pensions Increments:
"The pension payments shall be readjusted for those whose work ended in the periods between 20/05/2001 and 31/01/2003 in the non-governmental sectors which applies Section 3 of Law No. 19 of 2001 regarding the national labour support and encouragement to work in non-government sectors which is based on increasing the social allowance and the children beneficiaries to the pension payment at the end of the insured work and upon which the pension settlement is based.
Furthermore, the pension payments shall be readjusted, in circumstances where service in the mentioned sectors is ended in the periods between 20/05/2001 and 17/08/2002, as based on the previous paragraph, supposing the validity of the rules that decides the eligibility for the two allowances is after the last date in accordance to Law No. 19 of 2001 as mentioned above".

Section 5: The first paragraph of Section 4 of Law No. 128 of 1992 is replaced as follows:
"The supplementary insurance fund is added to the social security funds, its resources are explained in this section".

Section 9: Section 5 and Section 6 of Law No. 25 of 2001 are replaced as follows:

"Section 5: The pension and the supplementary payment shall be readjusted at the marriage of the pensioner, who was not entitled to social allowance for his wife at the end of his contribution, assuming his eligibility to the social allowance according to the provisions of law No. 19 of 2001 regarding the national labour support and encouragement to work in non-government sector, and supposing that his contribution continued at the date of his marriage, and he was entitled to the social allowance from his wife in the calculated contribution period for the pension payment, the pension increase resulting from the readjustment will start from the first next month of the marriage date."

"Section 6: The monthly pension payment shall be increased up to 50 DK for every child who is born after the end of the pension contribution and after the date 29/02/1992 if the pensioner meets the conditions of such benefit according to the requirements of Law No. 19 of 2001 regarding the national labour support and encouragement to work in non-government sector."

Section 11: The first paragraph of Section 9 of Law No. 25 of 2001 is replaced as follows:
"The monthly pension payments shall be increased every three years by the amount of 30 KD effective 1/08/2010."

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    Al Kuwait Al Youm
    No. 1022
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    P. 16