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Public Servants' Pension Proclamation No. 714/2011.

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Social security (general standards); Specific categories of workers; Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit; Public and civil servants
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Contains 63 articles. Applies to all public servants, defined as "a person permanently employed in any public office, and includes government appointees, members of parliament, members of the defense force and the police" and who are Ethiopia nationals.

Repeals the following:
- Public Servants Pension Proclamation No. 345/2003;
- Article 12 and, with respect to pension coverage, the provision of sub-article (1) of Article 30 of the Privatization of Public Enterprises Proclamation No. 146/1998;
- Article 12 and Article 21 of the Outgoing Heads of State and Government, Senior Government Officials, Members of Parliament and Judges Proclamation No. 653/2009.

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