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Law No. 33(I) of 2011 concerning Occupational Safety and Health (Amendment)

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Occupational safety and health
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Amends the following articles of the Law 89(I) of 1996 as amended up to Law 99(I) of 2003:

Article 2: definitions of "self-employed", "installation", "extremely inflammable", "inspector", "work", "employer", "employed", "inflammable", "danger", "very inflammable", "person", "working environment", "contractor", "security representative", "managing officer", "approved document", "armed forces", "safety committee", "European Commission", "responsible of the work", "Pan-Cypriot Safety and Health Council", "Department Manager", "Labour Doctor".
Article 2A: adds a para on the purpose of improving occupational safety and health in real estates and installations.
Article 3: replaces paragraphs 1, 4 and 6 concerning the places of implementation of the measures.
Article 4: Repealed
Article 5: replaces paragraphs 1 and 2 concerning the structure of the Pan-Cypriot Safety and Health Council
Article 6: Repealed
Article 7: replaces paragraphs 1 and 2 concerning the election and appointment of safety representative.
Article 8: replaces paragraph 1 concerning the establishment of Safety Committee.
Article 9: Repealed
Article 10: replaced with a new article concerning the appointment of safety officer.
Articles 11 and 12: Repealed
Article 13: adds provisions concerning the qualifications of the appointed workers, the existence of appropriate safety measures, and the responsibility of the employer to be accountable occupational safety and health inspectors.
Article 14: concerning the self-employed
Article 17: concerning obligations for safety in installations
Article 18: concerning the area of implementation
Article 24: correction of a word
Article 32: minor editing
Article 36: correction of a word
Article 38A: adds provisions concerning the duty of the Minister to issue Decrees concerning the licensing of working environments, the qualifications assessment of safety trainers, and the issuing of Standards Guidelines.
Article 39: replaces paragraphs 1 and 2, concerning codes of practice and standards as well as the penal procedure and sanctions
Article 40: repeals paragraph 2, and replaces a word in paragraph 3
Article 42: replaced by a new article on medical doctors
Article 44: concerning competences of Chief Inspector and inspectors
Article 45: replaced by a new article on improvements notification
Article 46: adds new paragraph 2 concerning the documentation of prohibition notification
Article 51: repeals paragraph 4
Article 53: replaces paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, concerning currency changes and offenses and sanctions.
Article 55: replaces paragraphs 1, 2 and adds paragraph 3, concerning the issuing of licenses for working environments and installations. Adds 55A on issuing certifications, 55B on informing the European Commission, 55C on hierarchical appeal against the decisions of the Chief Inspector, 55D on in-job training for safety and health issues.

Amends also the first table of the basic law.

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