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Ordinance (No. 565 of 2011) on unemployment benefits for fishermen and hunters during unemployment (A-Insurance Ordinance).

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Forskrift (Nr 565 av 2011) om dagpenger for fiskere og fangstfolk under arbeidsløshet (A-trygdforskriften).
Contains 15 articles concerning, inter alia:

Article 1: Purpose.
Article 2: Scope.
Article 3: Conditions that does entitle to unemployment benefits for fishermen and hunters with vessels.
Article 4: Conditions that does entitle to unemployment benefits to fishermen and hunters without vessels.
Article 5: Conditions that does not entitle to unemployment benefits.
Article 6: Conditions reducing the unemployment benefits.
Article 7: Application for unemployment benefits and notification of continued unemployment.
Article 8: Requirements regarding minimum income.
Article 9: Unemployment benefits.
Article 10: Number of benefit weeks (Benefit Period).
Article 11: Payment of unemployment benefits.
Article 12: Receiving unemployment benefits.
Article 13: The reimbursement for improper payments and sanctions.
Article 14: Decisions and case management.
Article 15: Enter into force and transitional arrangements.

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