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Consolidated Sickness Benefit Act (No. 1152 of 2011).

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Social security (general standards); Medical care and sickness benefit
Law, Act

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Bekendtgørelse (Nr 1152 af 2011) af lov om sygedagpenge.
Consolidates Act No. 85 of 2011 (amendments through August 2011 including Act No. 1539 of 2010, Act No. 1599 of 2010, Consolidated Act No. 920 of 2011). Contains 7 sections and 32 chapters concerning, inter alia:

Section I - Purpose and target groups:
Chapter 1: Purpose.
Chapter 2: Target groups.
Chapter 3: Stay and taxation in the country.
Chapter 4: Payment of sickness benefits.

Section II - General conditions for entitlement to sickness benefits:
Chapter 5: Disability.
Chapter 5 a: Employer follow-up.
Chapter 6: Referral and follow-up.
Chapter 7: Loss of right to sickness benefits.
Chapter 8: Time limitations.
Chapter 9: Extending sickness benefit period.

Section III - Sickness benefits to employees:
Chapter 10: Employment requirements in relation to employer.
Chapter 11: Employment requirements in relation to the municipality.
Chapter 12: Review of sickness absence and documentation.

Section IV - Sickness benefits to self-employed:
Chapter 13: Date of entitlement to sick pay.
Chapter 14: Employment requirements.
Chapter 15: Review of sickness absence and documentation.
Chapter 16: Sickness allowance to self-employed.

Section V - Calculation of sickness benefits:
Chapter 17: Calculation of sickness benefits.
Chapter 18: Size of sickness benefits.

Section VI - Reimbursement and financing, etc:
Chapter 19: Employer's right to reimbursement of sickness benefits.
Chapter 20: Sickness insurance for private employers.
Chapter 21: Agreement for reimbursement of sickness benefits for long-term or chronic illness, etc.
Chapter 22: Notification of claims.
Chapter 23: Withdrawal of employer right to reject.
Chapter 24: Financing.
Chapter 25: Adjustment of sickness benefit amounts.
Chapter 26: Contributions to the labour market supplementary pensions.

Section VII - Other provisions:
Chapter 27: Administration etc.
Chapter 28: Regulations respecting appeals.
Chapter 29: Claims against a responsible offender.
Chapter 30: Employment council.
Chapter 31: Attempt arrangements.
Chapter 32: Entry into force and transitional provisions.

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