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Declaration No. 190 of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare concerning the Extension of Collective Agreement: Security Industry Agreement.

Main Region

First Region

Conditions of employment; Specific categories of workers
Collective agreement

Second Region

Made under the Labour Act 2007. Parties to the collective agreement are the Security Association of Namibia; the Namibia Transport and Allied Workers Union; and the Namibia Security Guards and Watchmen's Union.

1. Definitions
2. Recognition as Exclusive Bargaining Agent
3. Purpose of Minimum Wage Determination
4. Criteria for determining Minimum Wages on Entry Level
5. Coverage of Minimum Wages on Entry Level
6. Minimum Wage Determination Machinery
7. Adjustment of Minimum Wages
8. Enforcement of the Minimum Wage
9. Minimum Wage for Entry Level of Security Workers
10. General Provisions

Entry dates region

    Date of entry into force

End of applicaton region

    Date of end of application
    The Agreement remains in force until it is amended or replaced by another agreement

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