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Law No. LV, 103 (4501) of 16 June 2011 to Amend and Supplement the Labour Law.

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General provisions; Labour codes, general labour and employment acts
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Amends and Supplements the following articles of the Law : para 2 of article 4(Employer), para 4 and 5 of article 7 (Principle of Equal Rights), para 5 of article 10 (Representation of Employees), article 14 (Posting of an Employee), article 28 (Employment Legal Relationships and Contracts of Employment), article 35 (Documents Necessary for Preparing an Employment Contract), article 37 (Prohibitions and Restrictions of Employment), article 38 (Information Regarding Applicants and Documents for Applying for Work), article 40 (Form of an Employment Contract), article 74 (Payment of Average Earnings in Case of Idle Time), article 75 (1) (Payment for Wages if Employed Persons Does not Stay in the Republic of Latvia), article 90 (Reproof and Reprimand), article 96 (1) (Labour Security Service Provider), article 104 (Reduction in the Number of Employees).

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