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Act (756/2011) on Maritime Labour Agreements.

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Seafarers; Seafarers - Conditions of work: articles of agreement, wages, hours of work and paid leave
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Merityösopimuslaki (756/2011).
Contains 14 chapters respecting, inter alia:

Chapter 1: General provisions.
Chapter 2: The employer's obligations.
Chapter 3: Free home travel.
Chapter 4: Employee's obligations.
Chapter 5: Family leave.
Chapter 6: Temporary lay-off
Chapter 7: General provisions relating to termination of employment agreements.
Chapter 8: Grounds for termination of employment agreements.
Chapter 9: Termination of employment agreements.
Chapter 10: Measures for termination of employment agreements.
Chapter 11: Ships commissions.
Chapter 12: Liability for damages.
Chapter 13: Special provisions.
Chapter 14: Entry into force.

Repeals the Seafarer's Act (423/1978).

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