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Law on Vietnamese Guest Workers (No. 72/2006/QH11).

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Viet Nam
Migrant workers
Law, Act

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Luât Nguòi lao dông Viêt Nam di làm viêc o nuoc ngoài theo hop dông
This law provides for activities of sending workers abroad under contract as well as rights and obligations of guest workers under contract, the right and obligations of enterprises and non-business organizations sending workers abroad under contract.

Chapter I - General Provisions
Chapter II - Enterprises and Non-Business Organizations Sending Workers Abroad
Chapter III - Guest Workers
Chapter IV - Teaching of Jobs and Foreign Languages and Provisions of Necessary Knowledge
Chapter V - Overseas Employment Support Fund
Chapter VI - State Management of Guest Workers
Chapter VII - Settlement of Disputes and Handling of Violations
Chapter VIII - Implementation Provisions

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    Official Gazette - The English Translation of Công Báo
    Issue Nos. 09-10
    Page range
    pp. 4-33