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Act No. 6356 on Trade Unions and Collective Labour Agreements.

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Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations
Law, Act

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Sendikalar ve Toplu Is Sözlesmesi Kanunu.
Part I - Purpose and Definitions
Part II - Principles of Establishment and Bodies
Part III - Membership
Part IV - Protection
Part V - Activities
Part VI - Revenues, Audit and Dissolution of the Organizations
Part VII - General Principles of Collective Labour Agreements
Part VIII - Conclusion of Collective Labour Agreement
Part IX - Settlement of Collective Labour Disputes
Part X - Establishment and Working Principles of the High Board of Arbitration
Part XI - Strikes and Lockouts
Part XII - Miscellaneous and Final Provisions

Trade Union Act No. 2821 of 5 May 1983 and Act No. 2822 of 5 May 1983 on collective agreement, strikes and lock-out are repealed as well as Article 1 paragraph (A) of the Labour Courts Act No. 5521 of 30 January 1950.

All references to Acts No. 2821 and 2822 made in other legislation shall be referred to the present Act.

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    Resmi Gazete
    No. 28460