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Decision No. 1216/QD-TTg approving the Master Plan on the Development of Vietnam's Human Resources during 2011-2020.

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Viet Nam
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Phê duyêt Quy hoach phát triên nhân luc Viêt Nam giai doan 2011- 2020.
I - Development Viewpoints and Objectives
Overall Objectives:
To identify the needs for sufficient, rationally structured and qualified human resources for successfully implementing the line on national industrialization and modernization, construction and defense and rapidly developing sectors in which Vietnam has international comparative advantages; at the same time to put forward solutions for developing human resources and forming quality human resources up to regional standards and eventually international standards.
Specific Objectives:
- to rapidly increase the rate of trained human resources in the economy in various forms and at different levels from 40% in 2010 to 70% by 2020, of which the rate of trained human resources in agriculture-forestry- fishery, industry, construction and service sectors will increase from 15.5% to 50%, from 78% to 92%, from 41% to 56% and fr4om 67% to 88% respectively;
- to comprehensively develop human resources with increasing quality and strong in all sectors, giving priority to sectors in which Vietnam has the competitive edge;
- to build a contingent of quality teachers to train qualified human resources for the country.

II - Orientation for Human Resources Development Through 2020
III - Solutions for Implementing the Master Plan
IV - Organization of Implementation of the Master Plan

Also made pursuant to the 2011-2020 Socio-Economic Development Strategy.

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    Official Gazette, the English Translation of Công Báo
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