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Act No. 5434 on the Retirement Fund of the Republic of Turkey.

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Social security (general standards); Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit
Law, Act

Second Region

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Emekli Sandigi Kanunu
Part I : Constitution
Part II : Benefit from Fund
Part III : Rights recognized by this Law
Part IV: Fund revenues and Collection Methods
Part V: Monthly salary, payment and allowances to be taken into account for the calculation of retirement premiums
Part VI: Rebate of the retirements premiums and form of conveyance
Part VII: funds availabilities
Part VIII: Account Works
Part IX: Beginning of the rights recognized by this Law
Part X: Actual period of service
Part XI: Term of Service
Part XII: Situations for the allocation of retirement pension
Part XIII: Terms of age
Part XIV: Retirement pension
Part XV: Disability
Part XVI: Ordinary invalidity pension
Part XVII: Duties disability pension
Part XVIII: Military disability
Part XIX: Situations for the allocation of pensions to Widow and orphans
Part XX: Widows and Orphans' Pensions
Part XXI: Situation where widow and orphans pensions will not be allocated
Part XXII: Total Payment
Part XXIII: The Return of Retirement deductions
Part XXIV: Bonus
Part XXV: Pensions beginning
Part XXVI : Reasons for diminution of retirements pensions rights and for continuous deduction of retirements pension rights
Part XXVII: Situations for monthly or total payment of rights
Part XXVIII: Retired, ordinary disability, Duties disability, widow and orphan's pension, or those returning the retirements deductions and those having a total payment, Persons assigned a mission
Part XXIX: Age
Part XXX: Neediness
Part XXXI: Advance payments before payment of monthly allowance, total payment and return of payments
Part XXXII: Prescription
Part XXXIII: Payment
Part XXXIV: Inspections
Part XXXV: Accumulation fund
Part XXXVI: Various provisions

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