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Factories Act (Act. No. 1956-12).

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First Region

United Kingdom
Occupational safety and health
Non-Metropolitan Territories
Law, Act

Second Region

Part I - Preliminary
Part II - Interpretation
Part III - Notification of Factories
Part IV - Health (General Provisions)
Part V - Safety (General Provisions)
Part VI - Welfare (General Provisions)
Part VII - Health, Safety and Welfare (Special Provisions and Regulations)
Part VIII - Special Application and Extension
Part IX - Miscellaneous
Part X - Notification and Investigation of Accidents and Occupational Diseases
Part XI - Administration
Part XII - Offences, Penalties and Legal Proceedings
Part XIII - Protection of Workers from the Risks of Exposure to Noise at Work [ss. 94-104 repealed]
Part XIV - Prevention and Reduction of Asbestos Fibre Discharges

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