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Ordinance (No. 945 of 2012) amending the Ordinance (No. 1173 of 1997) to limit the exemption from employers' contribution pursuant to section 23-2(6) of the National Insurance Act (No. 19 of 1997) for private work at home, etc.

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Specific categories of workers; Domestic workers
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Forskrift (Nr 945 av 2012) om endring i forskrift (Nr 1173 av 1997) om avgrensning av arbeidsgiveravgiftsfritaket etter folketrygdloven § 23-2 sjuende ledd for private arbeidsoppdrag i hjemmet mv.
Amends article 2 ss.1 concerning the definition of private assignments in the home (work that occurs on or in connection with the employer's residence or holiday residence).

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