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Decree No. 31/2012/ND-CP stipulating the general minimum wage.

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Viet Nam
Conditions of employment; Wages
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Nghi dinh 31/2012/ND-CP quy dinh muc luong toi thieu chung
Sets the common minimum wage at VND 1,050,000/month to be applied from May the 1st. This wage applies to all cadres, civil servants, public employees, armed forces servicemen and employees of agencies, units and organizations:
1. State agencies, armed forces, political organization and socio-political organizations;
2. Non-business units of the State, non-business units of political organizations and socio-political organizations;
3. State owned one-member limited liability companies which are organized and managed and oeprate under the Enterprise Law.

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    Official Gazette, The English Translation of Công Báo
    Issue Nos. 10-12
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    pp. 55-58