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Act (542/2012) amending the Act on the Finance Unemployment Benefits (555/1998).

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Social security (general standards); Unemployment benefit
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Laki (542/2012) työttömyysetuuksien rahoituksesta annetun lain (555/1998) muuttamisesta.
Amends section 10 ss.1 p.2, section 11, 12, 15, 21, 22, 22a-22f, 26, 26a, 26b concerning tasks of the unemployment insurance fund, supervision of the unemployment insurance fund, employers' premium payment obligation, employees' premium payment obligation, collection of premiums, the unemployment insurance fund right to obtain information, limitations, unemployment insurance records, preservation of documents. Section 10 ss.1 p.2 as amended by Act 1136/2011, section 11 as amended by Act 910/2008, section 12 and 15 as partially amended by Act 1301/2002, 637/2004, 1332/2004 and 1282/2007, section 21, as amended by Act 1352/2007, section 22 as partially amended by Act 1301/2002 and 1375/2003, section 22 as amended by Act 363/2006 and 910/2008, section 22b, 22d-22f, 26a and 26b as amended by Act 363/2006, section 22c, as amended by Act 363/2006 and 278/2009 section 26 as amended by Act 1375/2003.

Introduces to the Act a new section 11a, a new ss.7 to section 18 (as amended by Act 1332/2011), new ss.2-4 to section 20 (as ameded by Act 1181/2005), new sections 21a-21j, a new chapter 8b, new sections 26d and 26e concerning the rights of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs to obtain information and to review the activities, unemployment insurance premiums amount, procedure before the payment of the employee's unemployment insurance premium, collection of premiums, appeal and rectification, preservation of documents, service of decisions from unemployment insurance funds.

Repeals section 25 (as amended by Act 1352/2007).

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