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Council of State Ordinance (812/2012) on the living environment for ships personnel on board ships.

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Seafarers; Seafarers - Conditions of work: articles of agreement, wages, hours of work and paid leave
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Valtioneuvoston asetus (812/2012) laivaväen asuinympäristöstä aluksella.
Introduces 24 sections concerning, inter alia:

Section 1: Scope.
Section 2: Height and position of the accommodation.
Section 3: Night and day cabins.
Section 4: Ventilation.
Section 5: Heating.
Section 6: Lighting.
Section 7: Minimum lighting.
Section 8: Noise.
Section 9: Airborne sound insulation.
Section 10: Sleeping cabin equipment.
Section 11: Recreation facilities.
Section 12: Passageways.
Section 13: Mass.
Section 14: Kitchen.
Section 15: Laundry facilities.
Section 16: Toilets.
Section 17: Sauna rooms.
Section 18: Offices.
Section 19: Medical cabin.
Section 20: Laundry.
Section 21: Box, other storage areas and bulletin board.
Section 22: Storage facilities for food.
Section 23: Cleanliness and order.
Section 24: Entry into force.

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