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Act (No. 1374 of 2012) on Training Programmes for Unemployed Persons who have exhausted their Unemployment Benefits.

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Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services
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Lov (No 1374 af 2012) om uddannelsesordning for ledige, som har opbrugt deres dagpengeret.
Contains 29 articles concerning, inter alia:

Article 1: Target group.
Article 2-5: Right to training.
Article 6-8: Follow-up
Article 9: Specific training performance.
Article 10-11: Duties and contacts.
Article 12: Reasonable grounds.
Article 13-14: Deductions in special training allowance.
Article 15: Establishment of special training service.
Article 16-17: Termination of special training performance by non-participation in the training programme.
Article 18-19: Payment of special training grant, repayment.
Article 20: Moving between local authorities.
Article 21-22: Reporting and exchange of data and digital communications.
Article 23: Responsibility for action and reimbursement.
Article 24: Access to justice.
Article 25-29: Entry into force.

Amended acts include, inter alia:

- Consolidated Act on payment for certain educational activities related to the Act on Active Employment mm (No. 606 of 2007, as amended by Act No. 483 of 2009).
- Consolidated Equalization Act (No. 1017 of 2011, as amended by Act 153 of 2012 and Act No. 926 of 2012).
- Consolidated Act on municipal equalization and general grants to municipalities (No. 561 of 2009, as amended by Act No. 1602 2010, Act No. 462 of 2011, Act No. 1364 of 2011, Act No. 588 of 2012).

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