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Consolidation (No. 438 of 2012) of the Ethnic Equal Treatment Act (No. 374 of 2003).

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Equality of opportunity and treatment; Non-discrimination
Law, Act

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Bekendtgørelse (Nr 438 af 2012) af lov (Nr 374 af 2003) om etnisk ligebehandling.
Consolidation of Act No. 374 of 2003 (amendments through May 2008 including Act No. 554 of 2005 and Act No. 383 of 2008). Contains 5 chapters concerning, inter alia:

Chapter 1: Purpose, etc.
Chapter 2: Invalidity, etc.
Chapter 3: Burden of proof.
Chapter 4: Competence and complaint rules.
Chapter 5: Entry into force, etc.

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