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Act (879/2013) amending the Penal Code of Finland (39/1889).

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General provisions; Criminal and penal law
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Laki (879/2013) rikoslain (39/1889) muuttamisesta.
Amends chapter 17 section 13, chapter 24 sections 1, 8-10 and 12 concerning mischief, invasion of privacy and peace and defamation, invasion of privacy, disseminating information that violates privacy, defamation, aggravated defamation and prosecution law. Chapter 17 section 13 as amended by Act 613/2003, chapter 24 section 1 as amended by Act 685/2009, chapter 24 section 8-10 as amended by Act 531/2000 and chapter 24 section 12 as amended by Act 441/2011.

Introduces to chapter 24 a new section 1a and a new section 8a, to chapter 25 a new section 7a concerning crimes against peace, communication, aggravated dissemination of defamatory information and unlawful persecution.

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